Migraine and Headache

Smt. Sarojben B. Chauhan

Shri B V Chauhan’s Wife

She was suffering from Migraine since 40 years (childhood).

She had taken all sorts of treatment but found no improvement. It was declared in-curable by doctors.
Subsequently Acidity developed to extremity. All sorts of medicines & other means were tried. Everything went in vain-on the contrary it continued increasing & resulted in in-curable disease.

Simultaneously, rheumatism developed & increased violently in response to the medicines & declared as in-curable.

No sooner she accepted & implemented the ‘New Diet System’, all the diseases disappeared. Today she is quite healthy not suffering from any kind of the diseases since last fourteen years & it is her confidence that she will now not require any medicine till death.

Hitesh M. Rathod

Veraval, Junagadh, Gujarat

Glaucoma cured. Migraine cured; Constipation cured.