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The very useful concept of New Diet System is promoted for wellbeing of mankind by Shri B V Chauhan and his followers.

It is his mission to

He is inspired from Shlok:

“सर्व भवन्तु सुखिन, सर्वे सन्तु निरामया,
सर्वे भवन्ति पश्यन्न्तु, माँ कश्चिद-दुखाभव भवते!”


May all beings be happy, may all be healthy (diseases free), may people have the well-being of all in mind, may no body suffer in any way.

For ultimate happiness the concept of TAP-SEVA-SUMIRAN as suggested in Ram Charit Manas needs to be followed.

First step for ultimate happiness is “TAP” which means with faith in GOD, renunciation of food slowly and get the desired results. By doing so body will get cleaned and will become diseases free. Alongwith body cleaning, mind also will get cleaned. It is said that along with cleaning of body, the thoughts will also become pure. By change in diet there will be change in desire, thoughts, speech and behaviour. New Diet System is first step of beginning of “TAP. Healthy body is essential for achieving higher mental peace and spiritual level.

Second step for ultimate happiness is “SEVA” ie service to GOD, service to mankind and all creatures of GOD. GOD has given time, energy and capabilities to everyone. GOD has also given many other things for sustaining our life. As a part of obligation, one needs to give back something to the all mighty. One becomes happy by utilizing their time, energy and capabilities by serving to mankind and seeing the GOD in all creatures. Spreading the concept of New Diet System will be act of serving mankind as a part of “SEVA”.

Third step for ultimate happiness is “SUMIRAN” ie dhyan or meditation.
Very practicable and simple system of meditation is suggested here. One can sit on non conductive place such as on floor, bed, chair etc. Sit straight in upright position keeping back, neck and head in straight line. Close the eyes and chant any gurumantra or name of GOD (as per one’s belief) for two to three times. Stop chanting and let things happen on its own. Initially you may have varied experiences. Let it happen. Over a period of time it will subside. You can meditate at any time but one should be on meditation for atleast 20 minutes at a stretch. This will help in getting ultimate long lasting mental peace, happiness and true knowledge.