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Prevailing Diet System

Result - Tension, diseases, unhappiness

  • Morning - Heavy breakfast, tea, bread, butter etc.
  • Noon - Full lunch of bread, rice, cooked vegetables etc.
  • Evening - Snacks, cooked food
  • Dinner - Cooked food bread, vegetables, milk, milk products, rice, etc.

Ideal Diet System

Result - Long life, happiness, no diseases, no tension, spiritual development

Natural food in natural form uncooked/ RAW as and when required. No time bound programme. To eat whenever hungry. To drink whenever thirsty.

New Diet System

Comparatively disease free body, lesser tension, long life, happiness, etc...

  • No breakfast 4 hours for growing person 8 hours for adults after awaking
  • Uncooked salad, Vegetables, fruits, juices, sprouts etc.
  • Snacks - Uncooked like seasonal food, fruits/juices.
  • Cooked food, leaves, more vegetables less grains, all meals as desired.